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Keyword Research

Blogging nowadays has become a trend for bloggers and in this blogging world, everyone wants to rank their articles.

To do exceptionally well and to rank your post Keyword research is a must. There are certain factors which must be kept in mind while doing the keyword research:

  • Keyword difficulty: This factor is an important factor for ranking your website quickly, as the keyword difficulty increases the chances of your ranking decreases.
  • Search Volume: It has to be always kept in mind that there should be a good search volume for every keyword you work.
  • Cost per click: Last but not the least CPC is the option for those who know properly everything about blogging because new ones should mainly focus on ranking factors.

Best free keyword research tool

For every beginner, it is not possible to pay for the premium keyword research tools therefore after proper research I found a proper list that will provide you with the free keyword and will help you out in analyzing your competitor’s website.

1. Wordtracker

Ever thought that keyword research can be so simple, with wordtracker it is possible. It is the best alternative for the Ahrefs premium tool.

Type in a keyword as I have typed Cheap hotels in the search box, and you will find a good number of results and related search plus you can filter the options also.

Wordtracker provides you the filter option in which you can set your preferences. It provides you to search for 12 keywords per day.

Pro tip: Use it wisely so that you can beat your competitor easily by using the filter option.

2. Ubersuggest

It is a more advanced and simple free keyword research tool to use. Provides data that is not available in google keyword planner also.

Ubersuggest provides you a huge list of keywords and you can also search for a related keyword also.

Here comes my favorite part Traffic analyzer, the best options of all from here you can track down every single backlink of that particular website and rank higher.

Pro tip: Although everything is beneficial the Traffic analyzer option can make you rank higher.

3. Soovle

A quick attractive interface with lots of keywords present at every word you type.

Whenever you type a single word you will be provided with lots of keywords at every single word you add to it.

Pro tip: Here you will not get the competitor list but you will get a large number of keyword ideas.

4. WordStream keyword tool

One more efficient and free tool for both Seo and Ppc.

A really good tool with a nice interface, you just have to place your keyword and boom you will find its CPC, with search volume and difficulty.

Pro tip: You can rank higher easily as it provides multiple options of google and bing searches with different competition, search volume, and CPC rates.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Last but not the least Google keyword planner is the free tool still I kept it at number 5 because after good research I found it in line with the database according to google ads.

The pattern is pretty simple as all other keyword researching websites are having.

You will get many options, but in google keyword option you can just modify your which according to me fits the best option about google keyword planner.

Pro tip: Although it is the simplest and common to all tool but if used wisely one can rank using google keyword planner tool also.

Tanuj Kimari
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