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5 tips to improve your productivity

One of the most important aspects of dealing with any given task is how quickly you get it completed. Productivity is simply being able to get things finished at a quicker pace, and to an efficient and professional standard with regularity.

It takes consistency and discipline, as well as a keen depth of knowledge in the subject that you are dealing with.

The Root Cause

What holds you back on a day-to-day basis?

Whether it’s cleaning up, doing assignments or completing tasks at work we all have little barriers that can hold us back from being as efficient as we would like. You need to work out the reasons for your lethargy before you can correct them.

Could it be that your motivation is lacking?

  • Are you struggling to get into the same mood for work in the mornings?
  • Has the same day-to-day, week-to-week routine become a little dull for you?

This usually points to a lack of motivation, or a loss of your zest due to monotony. If things are getting a little dull, there are many ways that you can improve your overall productivity through motivational techniques.

Alternatively, it could be something to do with your emotions or your mental state.

  • Are you struggling to switch off from a particular event?
  • Or are you constantly worried about an upcoming situation?

If you are having a hard time at home, or you have something deeply unsettling or worrying going on in your life or a loved one’s life, it can leave your days a little bit short of action.

If it’s a constant lack of concentration due to a difficult situation in life, you can find ways to improve your ability to concentrate on a specific subject or action to take your mind off the problem.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with, there are many excellent solutions available to you out there – you just need to be prepared to give them a chance.

If you are looking for solid ways to help improve your general day-to-day productivity, though, these five excellent suggestions might be just what you need to get yourself back on track and prepared.

Proven useful productivity tips

Tip #1 – Get Prepared!

One of the root causes of a lack of productivity can be preparation. We discussed before the cause of your lack of productivity, and these situations can directly affect your own preparation in the first place.

Make sure that you are getting the right rest hours, for example, and also make sure that you are preparing for each day with a structured list of things to get completed.

Set some objectives and goals for the day ahead, and prioritize them in terms of importance or size so that you can have a set plan for the day. If you find that you are making good time on the plan, you’ll gain on confidence and boost your own productivity even faster!

Tip #2 – Don’t Skid In The Mud

The common solution to getting a car stuck in the mud is to try and rev your way out. Unfortunately, if the mud is deep enough, this will merely exasperate the situation.

Well, many situations throughout life follow the same precedence. If things start to go wrong – for example, you find that you aren’t following your list – then what should you do?

You should start to think rationally, just as you would if you were in the car example provided above. Look at all your possible avenues and decisions before making one, and give yourself time to react to the consequences of any situation before just diving in.

Should any situation start to get too challenging for you, take a step back and look at it from all angles – don’t just dive in head-first, as you can find your whole day up in arms very quickly.

Tip #3 – Avoid Multi-Tasking

While somebody who struggles to get things done might think it’s only natural to try and move things along by multi-tasking, it’s not a great idea. If you are struggling to get things done one-at-a-time, then adding to your list of things to accomplish at once isn’t going to help!

Instead, look at your schedule prepared above and find the easiest balance of tasks to bunch together. You can put together easier, less time consuming tasks alongside the bigger tasks to break up your work hours and intensity. This means that you can break away from bigger tasks to complete something smaller, and then return to complete the larger task once you have enjoyed the relative ease of the smaller task.

This allows you to deviate from tasks without taking them all on at once, whilst still following the schedule and hitting the targets set along the way.

Tip #4 – Know Your Limits

Looking specifically at job or career based tasks for a moment, one thing that you must learn to do is say no. saying yes may get you brownie points from colleagues at first, but taking on too much and producing lots of sub-standard or low quality work won’t help anyone. You’ll leave a colleague with something to fix and repair they thought they were free from, and you’ll damage the rest of your own tasks chances of being a success through added stress and pressure.

If you look at more day-to-day tasks then make sure that you aren’t going one day after another carrying out countless tasks. After all, what’s more likely to succeed? A constant schedule that leaves you wiped out after two weeks? Or a more balanced pattern that lets you have easier days?

Even if you live a hectic, busy lifestyle you need to know when to just take a smaller set of tasks for the day and take it easier. A busy schedule won’t be completed if you are fatigued, so balance tings out for maximum performance.

Tip #5 – Give Yourself Plaudits

Self-confidence is king when dealing with any task, and giving yourself a little pat on the back every now and then can be a great thing to do to keep your own motivation and morale high along the way.

A simple acknowledgement that you have done well during the day can set you up for a very exciting and productive week! What would you rather do – give yourself a hard time? Or look at the major successes of your day?

It’s so much easier to get things done when you believe in your own ability to succeed.

Tanuj Kimari
Author: Tanuj Kimari

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