How many states are in United states of america (USA) 2020

As we all know the United States of America is a federal republic having a total of fifty states and Washington DC as the capital.

We will not go with History and all the facts about the USA, rather I will provide you the 50 States in USA

Each state has its personal structure, grounded in republican ideals, and authorities, consisting of three branches: government, legislative, and judicial. All states and their residents are represented within the federal Congress, a bicameral legislature consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Each state is represented by two senators, whereas representatives are distributed among the many states in proportion to the latest constitutionally mandated decennial census.

Since the institution of the United States in 1776, the variety of states has expanded from the unique 13 to the present whole of 50, and every new state is admitted on an equal footing with the present states.

States are aligned alphabetically.

 29.New Hampshire
 30.New Jersey
 31.New Mexico
 32.New York
 33.North Carolina
 34.North Dakota
 39.Rhode Island
 40South Carolina
 41.South Dakota
 48.West Virginia

Most Populated state: California

Least Populated State: Wyoming

Most Populated state in area: Alaska

Least Populated State in are: Rhode island

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