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I believe in you I believe you have an amazing gift inside you that I want to see exploded onto the world so to help you on your journey today, I’m going to talk about the different ways to make your ecommerce business wildly successfull, so this is a topic I get asked a lot by entrepreneurs they have an e-commerce store they want to ramp up their business they want to get more attention they want to drive more sales but it’s not working for them and so I’m going to share with you different ways on how to make your e-commerce business wildly successfull


  • You actually have to believe in your product this might sound crazy but a lot of the people who set up ecommerce stores never actually use their products that they’re selling it boggles my mind whenever I’m working with a company that I want to represent or they want me to help pitch or promote their product I always have to use it first I have to feel a personal connection to the thing that I’m selling so as an example -I signed a three-year deal with sage and Stephen Kelly and I actually use sage software in my company it’s what I use to grow my business that’s how I run my accounting if you wanted to sit down and open up your sage accounting software I’d be able to walk through how to use it because I use it myself I hate recommending products or I hate working with companies when I haven’t actually used a thing that I’m saying is a good thing and so I think that happens way too often on ecommerce shops you’re promoting something because you think there’s an opportunity you think there’s a market for but you haven’t actually used it and so that always has to be the starting point you have to believe in the product or service that you are selling.


  • Make sure there’s demand a lot of times people start off ecommerce shops and there is no actual demand for the product and so you’re building up a community you’re building up an audience maybe you’re active on social media you’re creating YouTube videos you’re on snapchat ,Instagram, Facebook or you’re creating content and then you want to try to sell something but you haven’t actually received any kind of demand for people so it makes it really hard to identify where the market opportunity is the best way to be able to identify the products is from people who are in the industry and wanting to have a solution to a problem that they have sort of example if I’m making a new product I would test it out on my youtube channel I would create a video talking about this new thing that I had a new idea that I wanted to create and see what the feedback was what you want before starting that business is to get market feedback customers or potential customers ideal customers saying yes we need this because what happens is so often we go down this rabbit hole we spend so much time working on this product and researching the best companies to buy from and takes tons of time and tons of energy and you’re investing dollars and resources to make it happen only to find out that nobody actually wants this thing and you sell five versions of it or five copies of it or five units it’s a big waste of time and so you always want to start with the market first find the thing that you believe in and that there’s a market that’s how you start to win something you passionately believe in that works and there is a demand for.

  • Get distribution now that you have a product you know this demand for it is something that you are using and you believe in you need to think how am I going to get the word out about it because an ecommerce store is fairly easy to set up there’s not a ton of technology that you need to have an e-commerce shop you need to figure out how do I get my product in front of a whole bunch of people and the fastest way to do it the fastest way to build your business is to find people who are already selling to your target audience and find some way to be able to work together ,so an example if you’re trying to sell the entrepreneurs you might want to talk to me if I love your product or if I use your app or if I’m using your service then I’m more likely to want to tell the people in my community about it and so there’s a number of products that I’m testing out right now there’s a social media management product that I’m looking at there’s a guy who came by today he wanted to pitch me on his language translation and dubbing service to take my YouTube channel and put it into Spanish in different markets so what he’s doing he’s gonna take ten of my videos he’s gonna dub them into Spanish and we’re gonna see how it goes and if it works then I’m gonna tell my friends about it I’m gonna use it I’m gonna pay him he’s gonna make money off of me and I’m gonna tell my YouTube buddies about it as well he was a great service and so what you wanted to do was find a distribution who is the person that if they said this is great they can open up the floodgates for you so instead of trying to hit people one at a time you’re talking to an influencer who can get you mass distribution and you’re hitting hundreds thousands or hundred thousand people at the same time


  • Have beautiful pictures it’s just so surprising how many e-commerce shops when they’re selling their products don’t have beautiful pictures it’s a great way to be able to stand out and get your products or services notice because the picture is visually stunning if you look at eBay as an example people who are selling their products on eBay most people don’t take the time to actually take a fantastic picture and the picture will sell it if you’re scrolling through a list of products a beautiful looking picture it will make a huge difference to getting people to click on it and learn more about the products and so you want to make sure that you’re investing time in to taking beautiful pictures if you can afford to bring somebody on to do that or you’re taking on an intern who loves photography or it’s just a skill set that you want to develop yourself make sure that every single product first of all has a picture because a lot of ecommerce store they don’t even have a picture you need a product picture and then make sure that it’s a beautiful one.


  • Write detailed descriptions so alongside a picture you want to make sure that there’s a great detailed description of the product so many e-commerce stores have product pages that really suck it’s one paragraph or a couple lines that’s not enough to convince somebody to want to make that purchase and so you really want to tell the story ideally a personal story right back to point number one you believe in this product tell me your story tell me why you love this thing tell me why it’s so great and you’ve achieved personal benefit from using it put that story in there I want to understand what the benefits are I want to understand what the potential side effects are I want to say and how much it’s gonna cost me I want to say in your personal store behind it and you’re optimizing everything from a usability and reader perspective as well as SEO traffic a lot of e-commerce stores suck on SEO because their product descriptions are really really really poor so invest the time in photography invest the time into making great products scriptures with your own personal story and that might mean that you drop down to a hundred products instead of ten thousand but you’re really picking the ones that you care about.


Tanuj Kimari
Author: Tanuj Kimari

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