How to measure laptop size easily for case or skin

Whenever we find a laptop bag, case, or skin online and you find it too attractive but you get confused that which one to choose, the laptop skin will fit or not?

Several questions start coming to your mind and you really get confused that which will be the best for your laptop.

Here are some facts that will clear all your doubts.

Laptop size

You have your laptop but you don’t know the exact size?

Below are some common sizes which will surely fit into your laptop.

  • 11.6” / 29.46cm
  • 12.1” / 30.73cm
  • 13.3” / 33.78cm
  • 14” / 35.56cm
  • 15” / 38.1cm
  • 15.6” / 39.62cm
  • 17” / 43.18cm

How to measure laptop size

Firstly to measure any laptop you should remember some areas that are necessary before measuring your laptop.

Take a ruler or scale ready.

1.Measure Laptop screen size

Just take the scale and measure the screen diagonally from one end to another.

At this point, don’t measure the bezel.

2.Mesure the Bezel

It is not a compulsion to measure the bezel but still measure the extra thickness excluding the screen.

Folks it is not necessary to measure the bezel always but for your satisfaction, you can measure it so that the bag can perfectly fit in.

3.Measure the Height

Now to measure it you have to close your laptop and take the scale pointing upwards.

I hope it’s going on too easily.

4.Measure the Width

The width can be measured while the laptop is open also.

Put the scale horizontally and measure it from left to right.

5.Measure the Depth

The depth can be measured placing your scale vertically against your laptop.

Some common calculation to ease your measuring

  • 1 cm to inches        =0.393701
  • 14.5 cm to inches   =5.708661
  • 17.5 cm to inches   =6.889764
  • 26cm to inches       =10.2362
  • 31cm to inches       =12.2047
  • 37cm to inches       =14.5669

Buying the correct case or skin online

As you have taken the measurement by following the methods as told earlier.

Now its time to buy some cool laptop and cases for your laptop. Just follow the advice and the measuring techniques and just with a scale you can easily measure by placing the scale horizontally, vertically, etc.

Some of these steps should be followed while buying the Laptop skin or case:

1. The quality should be your first preference.

2. Your Laptop should exactly fit in the case.

3. Padding in your laptop is necessary because the padded bags always absorbs shocks and padding should also be from the bottom also.


Tanuj Kimari
Author: Tanuj Kimari

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