Telegram’s founder told whatsapp is dangerous, here are 6 reasons

Telegram’s founder told whatsapp is dangerous, here are 6 reasons

Telegram’s founder told whatsapp is dangerous, here are 6 reasons

On one hand, while the company is making strong security claims about the Facebook-owned app WhatsApp, on the other hand, the security of WhatsApp is constantly being questioned. Only last year, around 1,400 people around the world had a WhatsApp account spied and this spy was also accepted by WhatsApp itself. Let’s know what to think about Telegram’s founder Parel Durov’s WhatsApp.


Parel Durov has always been an attacker on WhatsApp. Recently, Parel Durov has called WhatsApp dangerous in one of his blogs. Please tell that Telegram has a direct competition with WhatsApp. Parel Durov claims that his Telegram app is quite safe.


Recently it has been revealed that the world’s richest man and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been hacked by WhatsApp and accused of this hacking by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Recently, the US has also advised its officials to delete WhatsApp app from their phones.


According to a CNN report, people on the brink of US President Donald Trump are advised to vary the phone. Explain that the team investigating Jeff Bezos’ phone hacking also includes Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and Jared has been advised to change the phone.

Despite such complaints, Facebook is not ready to apologize, instead it is blaming others. Facebook blamed iPhone for Jeff Bezos’ WhatsApp hacking case.


WhatsApp claims end-to-end encryption regarding security, which means that you don’t even read the message, but there is no truth in it, because if there was truth in the WhatsApp claim, then hacking would not be reported in this way.


You may be surprised to know that the backup of WhatsApp chat is not encrypted on iCloud or Google draw. Most people backup their chatting, but it is not secure.


WhatsApp was breached 12 times in the year 2019
You would not believe that security flow (in terms of security) has occurred in WhatsApp 12 times in the past year, including the hacking of Jeff Bezos and 1,400 journalists and social activists around the world. On an average, every month there has been some or the other problem regarding security in WhatsApp.

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