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Itchy face with dry skin Simple care to rest your skin


• 1 Drying Why face from becoming itchy in?
• 2 Vicious cycle of drying and itching
• 3 Rest your skin if you feel itchy
• 4 What is simple skin care?

o 4.1 Spend no makeup when you can
o 4.2 Clean your face gently
o 4.3 A gentle towel
o 4.4 Moisturizing care only for Vaseline

Why does my face become itchy when dry?

The stratum corneum of healthy skin contains a ceramide-based component called intercellular lipid, which acts as an adhesive to connect cells in the stratum corneum.
The connection between these cells protects the skin’s moisture and protects the skin from external stimuli. This is called the skin barrier function.
Dry skin is a condition where this barrier function is impaired. Because intercellular lipids are reduced, skin moisture cannot be retained, and even a slight external stimulus can cause the skin to become irritated.

Itchy skin is exactly the skin in this state, and due to the deterioration of the barrier function, the skin is not protected from trivial stimuli such as dirt in the air, temperature difference, pollen, and it appears as inflammation called itching It is.

Vicious cycle of drying and itching

If the skin becomes itchy due to drying, it will unconsciously scratch. The act of scratching itself can be quite irritating to the skin.
Therefore, the barrier function is further reduced and the drying progresses, and the scratching generates a histamine-causing substance called histamine, which leads to a vicious cycle of extra itching.

Rest your skin if you feel itchy

Dry and itchy skin has very little barrier function and is very vulnerable. If you give a new stimulus in this state, drying may progress.
And no matter how much moisture the skin with a reduced barrier function does, it will quickly evaporate because it has no water retention.
Avoid using new cosmetics this time to ease the dryness and rest your skin with simple skin care.

What is simple skin care?

Here we introduce the ultimate simple skin care.

Spend no makeup if you can
It is difficult for women, but even the makeup products they use regularly can irritate the skin. If possible, spend only the sunscreen during the day.
If makeup is absolutely necessary, use a cleansing-insoluble, mild skin care product to make it thinner.

Clean your face gently
With no makeup, you don’t even need cleansing or facial cleansing. If you make a thin make-up using the above method, use only a small amount of mild facial cleanser, whisk well and gently wash without rubbing.
It is strictly forbidden to use hot water at this time. Don’t put shower water directly on your face. Scrub the lukewarm water with your hands and wash gently so as not to irritate the skin.

A gentle towel
Use a soft and water-absorbent towel after washing your face. Old, stiff towels are not good.

Moisturizing care only for Vaseline
Even the lotions and emulsions that you always use may be irritating. Let’s make simple care by applying Vaseline very thinly. Applying it hot may cause drying to progress, so the point is to apply it very thinly so that it is not sticky.

If you feel that itching has been resolved, it is proof that the barrier function has recovered a little, so it is a good idea to supplement the intercellular lipids with ceramide-containing moisturizing care.

Tanuj Kimari
Author: Tanuj Kimari

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